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BC 2 star sea - beginners course in seakayaking


Introduction to seakayak paddling. This is the course for you that wish to learn the basics of sea kayaking. Emphasis is on saftey and good technique. We use state of the art equipment. We will be on the water most of the day and if there are english speakers on the course it will be held in english.

If you also wish to learn how to paddle a canoe you need the course "BC 2 Star Canoe".

The course costs 1995 SEK and is a full day.

BC 2 star sea - beginners course in seakayaking

There are currently no published activities in this category. If you are a small gruoup that wants this activity on a certain day please email us at info@escapeoutdoors.se and we will try to help you.

We need at least 3 participants to run the course.

More about the introduction course

A good course if you want to start seakayaking. You will learn many useful tecniques during the day. We will also fit in a short trip so you can practice what yu have learned.

Examples from the shedule:

  • Lifting, carrying and seccuring.
  • Effective and ergonomic paddling tecnique
  • Steering and turning
  • Launch and exit on different shores
  • Avoid capsize
  • Self and buddy recue


We choose not to give you a certificate for attendance on out courses. If you however complete all excersices for the level of the course we will. The Certificate is then available online and yu can print it out yourself if you wish.




Are you in shape to paddle with us?




Do you have any questions?

Send us a message on info@escapeoutdoors.se

What does our costumers say about us?

Three very competent instructors (Stefan, Emelie and Hans), a very well structured day and good excercises. Buddy rescue and solo reentry excercises now makes me feel comfident to explore the archipelago alone and with friends. Strongly recommended both to beginners and intermediat paddlers.

I´m really satisfied with this course and will probably go for the more advanced course later. Our coach Mats was very calm and pedagogical. Lots of fun paddling in the waves and learning to controll the kayak even better. Lots of valuable info and fun. I can warmly recommend this course.

Very fun and useful course. Weather was perfect for the course, rain and some wind. I now feel very inspired to paddle more. Thanks for a great day.

The course content and difficulty alighns to or surpasses:

  • EPP level green
  • Brittish Canoeing 2 Star (except th eopen canoe part)
  • course.level.BCdiscover
  • ISKGA fundamentals 1
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Where is the activity held?

We start at our center by Önnereds Brygga just outside Göteborg.

Information on how to find your way to us:

Bilingual courses

Who is your instructor?

Our friendly instructors have all reached and passed our own quality goals as well as, in many cases, beeing internationally rewarde paddlers and instructors. Every instructor have their own strong passion for paddling and the outdoors.

Our courses are deeply rooted in a personal interest for sea kayaking and coaching.



All courses can be held in english if requested by the participant.

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