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Celtic paddles hos Escape Outdoors

The instructors choise due to the fantastic feel and durabillity. The 4 piece construction makes it ideal for traveling and storage.

Celtic Paddles - world class!

Lendal has been on the market for a long time (formerly Lendal) and is now produced by the same solid staff that are making the SUKU kayaks. This ensures high and even quality and paddles that will work har for you for many years.

Celtic PRO sea 4-piece

A paddle that is just the right mix of durabillity and comfort. The blades can be dismounted and stored inside the kayak or in your hand luggage.

We like, use and sell the blade design "Kinetic touring". It is a very versitile blade that you can use for everything.

Why 4 piece? Well why not? Once assembled the 4-piece paddle can not be distinguished from a 2-piece. Weight and feel is the same.

Blade size

Avaliable in three sizes: 600(17cmx50cm), 650(18cmx50cm) och 700(19cmx50cm). The largest size is aimed at technical paddling and surf not for touring.


The shafts are either Straight-normal, Straight-thinn or Modified Crank.


The split mechanism is the rock solid LeverLock. This allows for adjustments in feather and length(10cm). We have never seen a better split mechanism.


The paddles come in the following lengths: 208cm, 210cm, 214cm och 218cm. LeverLock alows for adjustment of feather angle and length (10cm).


Price for a paddle with straight shaft: 4 995 SEK

Pris för paddlar med Modified Crank och lever-lock: 4 950.-

Price for blades only: 2 595 SEK