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Better booking terms 2018

  • The booking is binding but you can move the booking to a earlier date without charge. You need to be logged in to do this.
  • If you have choosen flexible booking you can also move the booking forward in time once.
  • If we think that the weather is unsuitable for the activity we will let you know via email as soon as we cancel and we will also refund any payment the same day.
  • If we need to cancel the activity due to the lack of a guide, double booking or similar misstakes on our part we will let you know by email as soon as we know and refund your payment the same day. On top of that we will give you the opportunity to join the activity at another time, without any additional cost
  • Alcohol and drugs is a big risk in kayaking. We have zero tolerance with this and use a alco meter if we are in any doubt. If you meter shows anything you loose your right to the activity with no money returned.
  • You must be a swimmer to join our activities on the water.
  • Be on site in time! We wait 10 minutes on latecommers. If you come later than 10 minutes after starting time you loose your slot in the activity with no refund.
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Eskimåsvängskurs i havet

Kursen är för dig som vill lära dig säkerhet i kajak med fokus och mål att kunna komma upp med Eskimåsväng, dvs utan att lämna sittbrunnen vid kapsejsning. Du behöver alltså inga förkunskaper för att vara med. Vi håller till i närheten av Önnered. Tag med egen fika/mat och varma kläder för pausen. Välkommen!

Time: Sat 15 Aug 10–15

Price: 1795 SEK