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Learning safety is fun

At Escape we really enjoy practicing and practicing makes you a master. We started teaching seakayaking and outdoor skills in 1999 and have evolved our course concept over the years. Our instructors are true enthusiasts and they take every opportunety to take their own skills to a higer level.

Our efforts to minimize exposure and spread of disease

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Current occationsDescriptionPrice
Sat 25 Dec 00–03Kajakkurs Friskvård500 SEKRead more / Book
Fri 31 Dec 00–03Kajakkurs Friskvård1000 SEKRead more / Book

If you are a small group you can request your own course date! Please contact us.
Course dates will be continuously published

Our courses have evolved from decades of experience of teaching. We have married our own knowledge with the extensive material and experience of British Canoeing to create the best possible teaching for you.

British Canoeing courses

With a BC course in your portofolio you will feel and be safer. You know that you have had the best possible teaching and can take on the fun challages of the sea or a austry.


We choose not to give you a certificate for attendance on out courses. If you however complete all excersices for the level of the course we will. The Certificate is then available online and yu can print it out yourself if you wish.

Rolling / Pool sessions

Water training, high and low braces, sculling, rolling, greenland style technique etc.
Prerequisites for Rolling / Pool, Introduction: none
Prerequisites for Rolling / Pool progression: having a roll, good or bad.

Private lesson

If you wish to learn on a 1:1 basis we offer private lessons as well.





Guest coach

A few times every year we invite guestcoaches from far away to spice things up and add a edge to our range. These are ofter highly specialized coaches with a very high skill level.

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Where is the activity held?

We start at our center by Önnereds Brygga just outside Göteborg.

Information on how to find your way to us:

Bilingual courses

Who is your instructor?

Our friendly instructors have all reached and passed our own quality goals as well as, in many cases, beeing internationally rewarde paddlers and instructors. Every instructor have their own strong passion for paddling and the outdoors.

Our courses are deeply rooted in a personal interest for sea kayaking and coaching.


All courses can be held in english if requested by the participant.

Bilingual courses