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Our pool corses are all held in the fresh and modern Lundbybadet on Hisingen. The Pool is located close to Rambergsvallen and Wieselgrensplatsen so going there by public transportation or parking your car is very easy.

Rolling / Pool, introduction

In fall, winter and spring we have pool courses to teach you how to roll a kayak. Beginner or intermediate roller? It does not matter as we have knowledge and challages for everyone. We are well known also outside Göteborg for our effective method of teaching rolling and we also have students comming here from quite far away to train with us. Many students roll already the 2nd or 3rd evning and after a full basic course you are well equiped with knowledge and excersises to take your rolling further by yourself on on one of our intermediate/advanced classes. Of course there is a saftey aspect and having to abillity to roll improves saftey when paddling but these corses are also a lot of fun and very social.

Det finns naturligtvis en säkerhetsaspekt i dessa övningar men det är också fantastiskt roligt, socialt och utvecklande för dig som paddlare.

Rolling / Pool, introduction

There are currently no published activities in this category. If you are a small gruoup that wants this activity on a certain day please email us at info@escapeoutdoors.se and we will try to help you.

The basic course is for you if you »cant roll but want to learn«.

More about the course

Have you just started out paddling, not yet started but are eager to learn the basics or have you already made some attempts to roll yourself? It makes no difference. In the basic course you will learn rolling from scratch.

Subjects that we work with during the course

  • Getting used to the water
  • Sculling
  • Standard roll
  • Re-entry and roll
  • Balance Brace
  • High and low brace
  • and more...

We use a number of inovative and effective tools and methods to enable you to learn as quickly as possible.

Paddlesailing in Sweden

The excersises are mainly done in pairs and are very practical and hands on. We try to use the time in the pool as effectivly as possible. We have many different kaya models avaliable so you will be able to feel the difference between sizes and how easy they are to roll.

Toghether with your assigned training partner for the day and our instructors you will make step by step advancements towards a reliable roll. Normally about half of the participants have a fair roll already after the first course of 8 hours.

After the course you have knowledge and a good set of excersises to practice mor on your own. You will enjoy paddling even more after the course.

We provide all equipment for tha course. You only need swinwear and a towel. We have noseplugs for sale (SEK 100) if your nose does not like the chlorine rich water...

Paddlesailing in Sweden

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Costumer feedback:

Upplägget var väl genomtänkt och det märks att Du tycker om det du håller på med. Det är smittsamt när man ser någon ha den entusiasmen att dels utöva momenten själv men sedan viljan av att dela med sig till andra. Du är en duktig pedagog, ödmjuk, rolig, uppmärksam och såg var och en i gruppen utifrån dennes förutsättningar. Blåmärken och en fantastisk träningsvärk i midjan är gratis.Tack för en utvecklande kurs och hoppas du fortsätter i samma anda."