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Kayak rental at Escape Outdoors

Relax, explore, adore, enjoy, date, overnight, excercise, wake, barbeque - enjoy.

Kayak rental in the southern arcipelago



Our center and launch spot is at Önnereds Brygga in Västra Frölunda, on the mainland but on the edge of the southern archipelago. At our center you can launch your rented kayak comfortably from a woodel slip or from a floating dock. The surroundings are stunning with the fishing community and their old wooden houses. Once afloat you are in the middle of the best paddling in the area. The first nice beaches for breaks and bath is just a few minutes away. You can stay close to the first small islands or venture out towards open ocean to views of the horizon.

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When is the kayak rental open?

The kayak rental is open almost every day. When you start the booking process you will see what dates and times are possible to choose. In the period 1 July - 31 August we are open every day.

We offer Guided trips and Courses all year. If you wish to rent kayaks on dates and times of the year when our normal rental is closed then may be our Club is something for you?


Glassfibre: Kayaks made of glass fibre laminate. Many models. You need to take extra care of these beauties and they will love you back. Skeg.

K1 PE: Single kayak made in Polyethylene. Skeg or rudder.

Doubble: Two person kayak with lots of room and carrying capacity. Very stable.


A session is at 09-17 or at 17-21. Always contact us in advance if you intend to collect your kayak another time than at the start of the session.

At Escape you will always get fully equiped, stable and entertaining kayaks that suits booth beginners and advanced sea paddlers.

This is the way rental works:

Find us

You can easily drive here. It is also easy to take bus no 94 from Frölunda torg, a ride of about 9 minutes, or bike. Find


You will find payable parking spots close by and free parking if you are willing to walk a few 100m


Kayak, paddle, PFD, sprayskirt, chart, short introduction on land.

Dressing room

Feel free to use uor dressing room but bring your stuff in the kayak. Other arrangements can be agreed if you have large luggage etc.


If you wish to pick-up the kayak at another time than at the start of the rental pass then you need to agree this with us in advance.


On return use sponge and vaccum cleaner to get the all water out of the kayaks. Hang other gear to dry outside if it is not raining. It all only takes a few minutes but there can be some delay when there are many people returning. Help each other. The gear should be back in its place by the end of the rental session.

Things to bring:

Shoes that can get wet, water, sun protection, energy(fruit etc), rain gear?, warm sweater?, mobile phone, plastic bag for kay keys, walet etc.



Glass495 SEK350 SEK200 SEK
Plastic395 SEK300 SEK200 SEK
Youth150 SEK100 SEK100 SEK
Double595 SEK450 SEK300 SEK
Drysuit395 SEK295 SEK195 SEK
Wetsuit100 SEK100 SEK50 SEK
Canoe550 SEK400 SEK300 SEK


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This is how it works when you collect your kayak

Our kayaks are equiped with skegs - how do they work?

A short movie in Swedish about how the skeg works.

Accessible nature

Our archipelago consists of some 30 islands of different sizes. Paddling here it seems like they are much more than 30 and there are also lots of islets. The area is perfect for paddling with many good places to land and rest.

A living coastal community

Some of the islands are inhibited. There are homes and fishing huts. Many islands have no houses and there are several nature reserves.

At the edge of södra skärgården

From Escape it is not far to reach all of the beautiful archipelago by kayak.

Well known names in the southern archipelago are: Styrsö, Brännö, Vinga, Vrångö, Kungsö, Tistlarna, Trubaduren, Vargö, Känsö och Köpstadsö (Kössö).

Just north of Önnereds brygga is Fiskebäck and Hinsholmen. South of us is Näset.

  • Göteborgs södra skärgård on Google Maps (new window)



Booking rules, times and prices are foung in the booking form. Do you have other questions? Visit us or call 031-69 19 50, or email us at info@escapeoutdoors.se

We also provide:

Guided Tours for everyone, company groups and individuals. Instructions, guiding and shared joy.

Courses for beginners and advancing paddlers alike

Travel – finding new paddling waters.

Store for paddlers with a selected assortment of good quality gear.

Restaurant Jungman Jansson is located across the road from us. Ivite your friends to good food with a ocean view.